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Concerning data storage

NNRS keeps an electronic mailing list which stores name, email address, physical address (city, country), and institutional information (affiliation, research interest; if provided by you). NNRS uses an external commercial provider. If your data have been traditionally used by NNRS to contact you, your consent has been asked in May 2018. By registering for the NNRS email list after 1 June 2018 you consent to the storage of your data by NNRS. If you want to be informed about which data NNRS stores about you, please contact the chair of NNRS. If you want to be removed from the NNRS email list, please contact the chair of NNRS; if you have registered after 1 June 2018, you can delete your data yourself by logging into using your identity/password. If your data have by any chance slipped through our controls and you receive an unwanted email from NNRS, we kindly ask you to contact the chair of NNRS at your earliest convenience. Please note that due to the backup procedures of the internet provider actual removal may not be immediate.


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