About the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies

The Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies connects academics with an interest in Renaissance and Early Modern studies. The network consists of c. 200 participants and welcomes new members (please register here for the mailing list). It is open to all scholars, regardless of their area of interest, language and position.

The network was founded in January 2011 at a meeting at the Danish Academy in Rome, arranged by Forum for Renaissance Studies on the initiative of Marianne Pade and Unn Irene Aasdalen.



The Inaugural Conference of the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies was arranged in Copenhagen in October 2012. Already this first NNRS-conference was very successful with c. 120 registered participants from the Nordic countries and beyond. The conference was followed by equally fruitful meetings in Stockholm 2014, Oslo 2016 and Helsinki 2018. Plans for the next conference, Reykjavík 2020, are under way.


Summer school

From 2012 to 2017, the NNRS participated in arranging a Renaissance Summer School in Rome. The course, ’Text, Memory, Monument’, was arranged at the Danish Academy in Rome in cooperation with the other Nordic institutes in Rome.

The summer school was held every year in July, giving students from different countries and fields of study the opportunity to focus on Renaissance topics and prepare for further research. The language of the course was English, and the summer school was open to students from every level (BA, MA and Ph.D.) as well as every country.

Planning for the Summer School 2020 is under way and will be announced here. Please register here for the NNRS-mailing list, if you want to be notified.



Articles on Renaissance subjects and proposals for themed volumes may be sent to the internet journal of the Forum for Renaissance Studies, Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies, and its General editor Johann Ramminger,



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